Zadná pneumatika Gibson MX 2.1

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Značka: Gibson
€83 €87 €87 €89 €61 od €61
Použitie: Motocross
Priemer ráfika: R19, R18, R21, R16
Rozmer pneu: 100/90, 110/90, 120/100, 120/90, 80/100, 90/100

GIBSON® MX 2.1 – The Hard SoilProfessional.
Especially developed for the extreme requirements on hard-ground tracks in professional MX sport to match the MX 2.1 front tyre. This rear tyreas well guarantees by also featuring the revolutionary “Cross/Straightlink-Technology” with its additional struts between the outer, shoulder and center knobs an enormous propulsion in connection with maximum stability and optimum grip. Knob “Flexing” and tearing is excluded even with the largest displacement class and maximum power when accelerating, which is ever so required of the tyreon hard surfaces.
The ultra-new hard soil tyreGIBSON®TYRE TECH MX 2.1 does not suffer from penetration of the tyreor “Flexing” of the knobs, even after hard landings and direct acceleration after jumping on hard ground.
The "Moto-Boss" among hard soil tyres, available in all common sizes, including 16“ for the 85cc class. Also available in the range as 18“ for the toughest Enduro& Rally use.
-Competition tyre-for the MX Masters and World Championship professionals
-the ultimate tyrefor the MX hard floor tracks
-the narrow design is perfect for fast and close residents
-top stability, propulsion and directional stability even in extreme lean angles
-ultra-light construction and carcass construction with fabric made of polyester
-the Cross / Straightlinktechnology give the MX 2.1 extreme durability
-closely staggered profile design guarantees the maximum possible ground contact

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