S3 zadná brzda - Racing Spring pre KTM / Husky / Gas Gas 2021 oranžová

Racing Spring KTM / Husky / Gas Gas 2021

Kód: SP-1419-O
Značka: S3 parts
€28 –10 % €25
Kategória: S3 Hard Parts
racing spring ora
€28 –10 %

Racing Spring KTM / Husky / Gas Gas 2021


"Racing  Spring"

Replaces the annoying original rear brake spring with the new “Racing” system

  •          All the feel and control of the rear brake, fatigue-free and inanterable
  •          It does not stretch, does not yield and protects the whole system
  •          Compact and faster for replacing the pedal during the race

         A Racing touch of color and exclusivity for your machine!

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