S3 enduro hlava válca pre motocykel GAS GAS 250 TPi EXTREME

pre motocykel GAS GAS : 2021 - TPI Engine, C.C: 250, Mod: Extreme

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Dodanie 5-7 dní
Kód: XTR-985TPI-250-R
Značka: S3 parts
€150 –3 % €145 €145 / 1 ks
Kategória: S3 racing parts
cylinder head kit s3 stars head gasgas ec 300ccEXTREME
€150 –3 %

Extreme Kit:

Modifies the compression for a smooth and progressive delivery of power. Improving traction and engine control especially important in technical areas.

Its design manages to lower the temperature by eliminating the typical hot spots of the original cylinder heads.

Ideal for Extreme style riding, improving the throttle feeling.

* All kits include: cylinder head cover, insert according to choice and O-rings


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