Predná pneumatika Gibson TECH 9.2 F.I.M.

Kód: 109.3034128
Značka: Gibson
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GIBSON® TECH 9.2 "Fatty" - for Extreme Enduro.


The GIBSON® TECH 9.2 front tire was designed to deliver in the most difficult technical off-road passages in hard & extreme enduro sport. For him it may be happy EXTREME, he pushes the limits of what is possible. The 9.2 complies with the FIM regulations as well as the ECE-R75 road approval.
The distinctive V-shaped tread design, supported by a new carcass construction and the innovative rubber compound allows the GIBSON® TECH 9.2 to triumph over even the most difficult terrain. The width of the contact area plays just as much a role as the light weight of just 4.5 kg.
The "fat one" rolls over loose and soft terrain with ease and offers optimum guidance. It masters technical obstacles such as rocks, roots or trees with flying colors. Its enlarged footprint interlocks it optimally with the ground, however difficult it may be.
Excellent wet grip was also achieved in the development.  The sharp tread edges with the raised blocks guide the front wheel almost like on rails, whether wet, whether dry, whether Cross Country or Extreme Enduro - try once to bring the GIBSON® TECH 9.2 to its limits - these limits have been pushed.

  • the ultimate front wheel tire - for the professional competition rider
  • continued consistent development of the successful Tech 9.1 model
  • the sharp-edged profile of the shoulder lugs guarantees extreme directional stability
  • the lugs literally cut into the ground and give the front wheel stability
  • This is enormously important at strong inclination, which avoids lateral slipping away
  • extremely high directional stability even in deep ruts and on firm ground
  • also for heavy events with deep, muddy and soft grounds
  • Road approval and FIM approved

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Pneumatiky
Použitie: Enduro
Priemer ráfika: R21
Rozmer pneu: 90/100

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